Children Gathered Around Missionaries


Missions in Haiti – Love A Child In order to obey the commands of Christ to take the gospel to the end of the earth (Acts 1:8 “you shall be witnesses to Me . . . to the end of the earth.”), as well as to do what we can...

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Intercessory Ministry

What is intercession? First of all, intercession is sacrificial prayer. It focuses less on you and more on others. It asks for God’s power to be unleashed in the world. Intercessory prayer is also spiritual warfare. And God didn’t tell us to fight a war standing on natural ground with...

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Men’s Fellowship

ABOUT MEN’S MINISTRY It is the desire of our heart to see men liberated from the ignorance of why they were born. The first man was created to do exploits on this earth planet. Therefore, every man born is born to fulfill a destiny. We strive together in fellowship and...

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